Thursday, March 2, 2017

Fluoropolymer Rod/Pipe/Tubing Extrusion,Fluoropolymer Machine Show

What is a Fluoropolymer?

  •  A fluoropolymer is a polymer that contains molecules of carbon and fluorine. They are high-performance plastic materials used in harsh chemical and high-temperature environments, primarily where a critical performance specification must be met. They are used by defense-related industries and in automotive, aerospace, electronics and telecommunications.

  • Properties of fluoropolymers that have led to applications Minclude chemical resistance, thermal stability, cryogenic properties, low coefficient of friction, low surface energy, low dielectric constant, high volume and surface resistivity, and flame resistance.
  • Fluoropolymers are used as liners (process surface) because of their resistance to chemical attack. They provide durable, low maintenance, and economical alternatives to exotic metals for use at high temperatures without introducing impurities.
  • Electrical properties make fluoropolymers highly valuable in electronic and electrical applications as insulators, e.g., FEP in data communications.
  • Longer life;
  • Highly innovative;
  • Save time and money;
  • Tube OD Size range:20-600 mm;
  • Rod Dia Range Min – Max Dia:4mm – 500 mm;
  • Ram Machine ensures precision both in the pressing procedure and in the sinter zone;
  • Temperature controls are also provided.
  • Extruded fluoropolymer provides higher breakdown voltage because of lesser air voids in comparison to wrapped material.
  • Extruded fluoropolymers gives superior appearance and finishing.
  • Extruded fluoropolymer is having higher mechanical strength.
  • Extruded fluoropolymer can be used with tinned copper conductor also.

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